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Picture it - the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you’re relaxing on the balcony with a lovely lady. She tells you how much she’d love a drink, so you gladly oblige and return with… A couple of beers? 😕 Not to say she won't drink it, but where’s the wow factor? Where’s the artful masculinity?  Let’s rewind, and change the story a bit. This time your thirsty visitor asks for a drink, you invite her in and masterfully whip up a cool concoction. After a strong shake, you pour the drink into a fine glass, and encourage her...

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We’ll go over some reasons why our customers choose to use Tactical Soap. Our customer’s satisfaction is always our priority, so you deserve to know why our product is worth the investment. Whether it is a night out on the town or a big job interview, Grondyke will make sure you look, feel and smell your best. So, grab one of our three soaps: Durden, Maverick, Bond. Here are three reasons you’ll be sure to love them...  1. Our soaps are crafted by hand. Scott Carr, our owner, and head-soapmaker ensures the quality in all of our soaps. We create our...

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