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When I decided to share my pheromone soap with the world, I didn't have too many expectations other than when men used my soap their life would be made better. As sales increase and new customers give us a try, I am happy to see the number of repeat customers. That is truly how I know that we are adding value to their lives. I consider our customers my brothers, and I want to say that I appreciate each one being part of this rocket ride with me.  I have female friends that have been urging me to create a...

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Alpha, alpha status, androstenone, androsterone, Bad Boy, biohack, durden, extroverts, Fun with the ladies, introverts, Pheromone soap, pheromones, social anxiety -

I have recently made a few new friends in social settings. Just the other day the subject of introverts, extroverts, and shyness came up. The lovely young lady who I had just met said she was more introverted than extroverted, but she said that I was "Definitely an extrovert!"  I didn't argue, but I know the truth. I am not an extrovert. However, this was a big victory for me, because I am very much an introvert, and I have used several methods to overcome my social anxiety.  My favorite is the use of my beloved pheromones.  I no longer...

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