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Picture it - the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you’re relaxing on the balcony with a lovely lady. She tells you how much she’d love a drink, so you gladly oblige and return with… A couple of beers? 😕 Not to say she won't drink it, but where’s the wow factor? Where’s the artful masculinity?  Let’s rewind, and change the story a bit. This time your thirsty visitor asks for a drink, you invite her in and masterfully whip up a cool concoction. After a strong shake, you pour the drink into a fine glass, and encourage her...

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I am coming down from my winter sports high from the Grondyke Soap trip to Park City in January. Spending time with friends and making new ones is such a tremendous boost to the spirit.  I started this company in the spirit of fun, and to add joy to the lives of everyone that uses our products. There is not one part of this business that I don't enjoy.  Opportunities in life are all around us, but you can't take all of them.  Time is the most precious of all commodities and to spend it on things that don't add pure...

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We got our new packaging delivered just in time for the team to hit the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.  What better place to take the soap with real star power? We are going to be hitting the slopes, parties, and catching movies rubbing elbows with the most creative and talented people on the planet and sharing our incredible soap. This is an appropriate time to thank you all for making our Flagship "Durden" formula such a success. We approached building this company with this goal:  Create the best natural soap,  combine the most efficacious pheromone formulas, and above all add...

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