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Picture it - the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you’re relaxing on the balcony with a lovely lady. She tells you how much she’d love a drink, so you gladly oblige and return with… A couple of beers? 😕 Not to say she won't drink it, but where’s the wow factor? Where’s the artful masculinity?  Let’s rewind, and change the story a bit. This time your thirsty visitor asks for a drink, you invite her in and masterfully whip up a cool concoction. After a strong shake, you pour the drink into a fine glass, and encourage her...

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Grooming Tips, Men's Fitness, Men's Grooming, natural soap, Pheromone soap -

So, your latest slump has lasted a few weeks, and now you have in a sense "let yourself go". That meal prep you once did, out the door. Those regular tooth brushing and deodorant wearing days seem so long ago. But, alas, fate has knocked on your door once more you lucky son of a bitch. That dinner date that turned into meeting up for drinks, that turned into a let's reschedule, that turned into no communication? Remember her? Yeah well, she decided it's time to reschedule that drink and wants to meet up tonight. But wait, I'm so far...

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