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We are getting some great feedback on Durden!  Showering with Durden then going into a social setting with the opposite sex (what I have recommended to my friends who use the soap) results in lots of touching.  These are not only Indications of interest, but an almost startling act of familiarity by ladies they have just met.  Quick tip: In a pinch, if  you don't have time for a shower, wash your neck and arms with Durden. Seems to be enough to create great interactions.    - Spyder

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Sold out of our First run of Durden at break neck speed. Wow. To all you guys that bought our Soap, Thank you!!! To all the ladies that bought Durden for their men. Your welcome.   There is nothing so great as having a brand new batch of our Pheromone soap around. It makes my whole world smell better.  When our first batch ran out, I personally ran out as well. Not having any was no fun. I will not let that happen again.   - Spyder

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I am happy to announce the launch of our store!  It's been over a year in the making and I am excited to share this incredible soap with men like myself. Men that are committed to having the best of everything out of life. This is not just a company, but a community. Join us and lets have a blast!  He who has the most fun wins.   - Spyder

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