Summer Fun 2016

Summer is almost upon us. This is an amazing time of year, when we head outdoors to recreate and spend time with the people that make us feel great. The hot temps and the increase in showers makes it a busy time for the tactical soap crew as well. We work hard, so we can play even harder. There is really nothing I enjoy better than being in the room with all the uncut blocks of durden. The cutting into bars releases the amazing cedarwood fragrance and is a little slice of heaven for me and my team. Providing a tool to up your game is also a great joy for all of us here. We never take for granted that you have chosen to add us to your life, and continue to do so. We want to extend a huge summer time thank you for choosing us, and our mission is to build a relationship with each of you so we can continue to fulfill our mission to bring you the best quality attitude soaps in the world.  

- Spyder