Three Shower Habits to Break

Three Shower Habits to Break

There is nothing like a steamy shower at the end of a long day to relax and unwind!  You may think you have the perfect shower routine.  As a betting man, I would be willing to say a good majority of you commit at least one of these heinous shower crimes.  In this post, we’ll cover just a couple bad shower habits many of you may have.

#1 Avoid leaving your loofah in the shower

We get it, loofahs are AWESOME!  They give you a nice scrub and hit your Maverick Soap with a nice suds factor.  If you are leaving your loofah in the shower you are doing it wrong.  Dead skin cells become trapped in the loofah making a perfect breeding ground for nasty bacteria.  Wash your loofah after each use and ring it dry.  Instead of hanging it in the damp wet shower store your loofah in a dry place.  

Pro Tip:  Purchasing a new loofah every three to six months is a great idea!  I mean I wouldn’t want something that has scrubbed my ass hanging around for much longer.  

#2 Ditch the marathon length showers

Have you ever hung out in the shower for so long that your hands start to look like raisins?  While a nice long shower is relaxing it actually has some negative effects.  A shower longer than about five minutes can actually remove much of the moisture from your skin.  This can leave your skin feeling itchy and dry.  Our Durden Soap has coconut oil and other natural ingredients made to keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized.  Let’s not ruin that with marathon length showers. 

#3 Stop washing your hair every day

You may have heard on the street that washing your hair every day is not necessarily a good thing.  So how often is too often to wash your hair?  It really all depends on your hair type. If you have thin, delicate hair you should for sure avoid shampooing too often.  No more than two times a week is recommended.  If you shampoo too frequently natural oils are stripped of your hair.  We want those natural oils, they keep your hair in good health. If you have coarse or curly hair you should push back your hair washing to once a week!  Use this tip and your hair will thank you. 

Showering daily is definitely recommended, we don’t want your bad shower habits to scare you away from jumping in every day.  If you have a bad habit while showering, break it!  Oh, and stop by our store and purchase some Bond Tactical Soap for your daily showers 😎