Hitting Home Runs in the Dating Game

Hitting Home Runs in the Dating Game

Let’s be honest, you can’t just close your eyes, swing and expect to be hitting home runs like Mike Trout.  Scoring with the ladies is no different.  Just like anything in life you have to look at what leads to success.  In this blog, we will go over some tips on how to stop striking out when it comes to dating.  We will give you advice and have you hitting singles, doubles, triples, and finally sky scraping home runs.

The Lead Off Single

Making it to first base is not to be underestimated!  This is where you lay the framework in order to hit bombs.  It is important to remember first impressions are key.  If you are interested in someone don’t scare them off.  Make it known that you are interested but don't be aggressive or clingy.  Something smooth and casual is recommended.  Make conversation, be yourself, if all goes well end the conversation with something like: “I really have enjoyed talking to you and getting to know you, let’s get drinks one night and continue our conversation!  What’s your number?”  Chances are if you were able to hold a conversation the other person was probably interested in you as well.  Don’t overthink hitting singles up the gap, but also realize how important it is to get on base if you ever want to make it home!

Pro tip: Make it a point to show you are a genuine person from the get-go.  Hold the door open when you get a chance, be polite and respectful, talk about other things besides yourself, you get the idea here!

The Standing Double

If you want to move from just getting on base, to hitting doubles regularly you must take it up a notch.  If you get to this point it should be noted that you should have an HONEST interest in the person involved.  I say this because hitting doubles takes effort.  It’s going to take up time and possibly even money, but here’s how to swing it.  Execute some sort of thoughtful or sincere action.  Get creative here, your options are endless!  You could take them out on a relaxed date, take them their favorite coffee or lunch to work.  Set yourself apart from the other’s and show you are committed and will go above and beyond.

Date Idea:  Supplies you will need to execute include twenty to thirty old golf balls in a plastic shopping bag, glow sticks from your local dollar store, scissors, and a couple golf clubs that you won’t hit far such as: pitching wedge or nine iron.  Pick a location where you can hit golf balls at night.  Some ideas on possible locations include open fields, big parks, baseball fields, etc.  Take your date to this location once it gets dark.  Take the glow sticks you purchased and cut the tops off with your scissors.  Pour the glow stick liquid in the bag of golf balls and mix them around.  Waaaahla!  Now you have glowing golf balls you can send into the night sky with your date!

The Sliding Triple

Most overcomplicate hitting the wall crushing triple, but with our guidance, it’s very obtainable!  Show whomever you are interested in that you are committed and not going anywhere.  Our advice here is to introduce them to your friends and family.  This shows the person who that you actually are really into them.  I mean who wouldn’t be flattered if you introduced them to your family and friends?  It shows the person you want to show them off.  This step is💰, after a couple reps you will be ready to step up to the big leagues and learn to hit it out of the yard!

Pro tip: In this step, you must assume you will be meeting friends and family of whom you have been spending time with.  You need to be prepared for this!  Bring a thoughtful gift to the first gathering or BBQ when meeting the family or friends.  It shows you were caring and wanted to make a good impression, which will pay off in the next stage!

Going…Going…GONE!  HOME RUN

We have walked you through the single, double, and triple.  It’s finally time to swing for the fence and hit it over the wall!  Find a day where you both can devote a good amount of time to each other.  Make a plan, know exactly where you will be heading and what activities you will be embarking on.  This takes a lot of pressure off your date and you.  You can focus on hanging out and enjoying each other.  If you plan things out you will avoid the dreaded “What should we do?” question.  Think it out, make a plan, and stick with it!  You don’t have to overthink the day or date.  Be simple yet creative, think of things that you both would enjoy doing together.  Whatever you decide just make sure to have fun.  If you’re in this position remember she likes you!  She is cheering for you to hit it out of the park, don’t complicate it.  Be yourself treat them special and have a blast! 😆

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