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Unexpected Pleasures

When I decided to share my pheromone soap with the world, I didn't have too many expectations other than when men used my soap their life would be made better. As sales increase and new customers give us a try, I am happy to see the number of repeat customers. That is truly how I know that we are adding value to their lives. I consider our customers my brothers, and I want to say that I appreciate each one being part of this rocket ride with me.  I have female friends that have been urging me to create a soap for women. While that is certainly on the burner, although it is the back one, my focus has been to share with men who want the alpha experience and want to squeeze the nectar out of life just like I do. However, I see that there is a good supply of women ordering my soap. This was an unexpected pleasure that has sent me to the moon with happiness.  I am stoked to know that the ladies are buying soap for their men because they want their man to take charge. They love bad boys and we all know it. Not mean boys, but bad boys.  I want to say a special thank you to you ladies. I now realize this will be a community of fun loving brothers, and sisters and I could not be more thrilled about it.