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Life as Art

I am coming down from my winter sports high from the Grondyke Soap trip to Park City in January. Spending time with friends and making new ones is such a tremendous boost to the spirit.  I started this company in the spirit of fun, and to add joy to the lives of everyone that uses our products. There is not one part of this business that I don't enjoy.  Opportunities in life are all around us, but you can't take all of them.  Time is the most precious of all commodities and to spend it on things that don't add pure joy to you and those around you is to squander it.  Your life is your canvas, and when the time comes to hang it on the wall, you want it to be a beautiful piece of art that can entertain and inspire. I was reading Richard Branson's rules of successful business recently. Follow your dreams, Enjoy the process, and Make sure the team enjoys it too were among the top rules.  I checked off each one as it applies to this company, and it was very gratifying. Everyone here loves everything about our company too, and one of our favorite things is hearing the stories of how our customers are enjoying our soap.  We promise to keep adding new fun formulas to our line, and to keep having fun doing it. Our motto is he who has the most fun wins.  Remember, you make the rules.  Go get it!