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Make it Happen!

Summer is here and we could not be happier. More showers, more of our soap being used, and increased velocity of adventure for us and we certainly hope for you guys as well. There have been three words coming up in my life in the last month, and those are "Make it happen."  I want to get in the best shape of my life. I want to grow this business at record pace. I want more great times with my friends and family. I want to increase the impact my life has on the world. There is only one way any of those things are going to come to be and that is if I make it happen.  I know that if you are reading this you are of the same mind. If you use our soap to give you a competitive advantage, then I know we are brothers.  There are times when we are all down, in a rut, being lazy, and just in a general funk.  But once the decision has been made to make changes, I look for inspiration, and have no trouble finding it.  We have several goals for this company. It really takes many people to grow an idea to a company, and get beyond what I call business gravity.   I want to take this time to thank Erin at, and Andrei at for helping us get the word out about our mission and getting our beloved Durden soap in the hands of so many people.  I know there are things in your life that you want. There always will be. There are many paths to get there, but let these words come to mind when you decide what you want. Make it happen!!!