You don't need the soap, you're married? What???

Summer is upon us, and one of my favorite summer rituals is to escape from my home in the city, to my crash pad at the coast whenever I get free time. I have the good fortune to be able to maintain friendships in both places. I recently had lunch with a friend of mine in town who I hadn't seen for awhile.  He immediately inquired about the soap business he had been hearing about from mutual friends.  Several of my friends use Durden, but I am not pushy about it, as I am put off by pushy people, and don't want to be that guy. But, I am passionate, and I share the benefits of our soap with friends and strangers whenever I get the chance.  I explained the pheromone effects to him. He laughed and said "I've been married for many years, so I don't need that."  I explained that raising your level of fun, mischief, and being on your game is not something you need to give up when you are married.  Seriously now, who needs that more than married men? He agreed, and will be trying a bar in the near future.  

If you are reading the blog, I have to assume you are a user of the product or at least a believer in our approach to life.  I can't end without once again saying thank you to the users of the soap. I promise we will be announcing some very cool additions to our offering very soon. Keep taking your game to a new level. Keep hacking life for the winning edge any way you can. Keep having more fun doing this than anyone could imagine. There is a great side effect to doing this. You raise the game of everyone you come in contact with. 

It's better to be a pirate, than join the Navy.  - Steve Jobs