An Amazing Year - Thank You!

We celebrated our first year online, and it is still hard to believe it has come and gone so fast.  It was just an ordinary night, when I had the idea to combine the high impact pheromone blends with the best natural soap ingredients to assist men in their mission to crush life.  Enlisting the help of an expert in pheromones and their effects to create our flagship soap “Durden.”  Our team of soap makers, marketers, designers, and fulfillment specialists now work like a well-oiled machine.

We have two more formulas on the drawing board for 2016.  Our goal was to add them in the first year, but we had no idea how popular Durden would be. We focused on increasing our capacity to make sure we never had to have our soap on back order. When, and other Man Gear sites, featured our soap, we scrambled and quickly upped production to meet the demand huge increase in orders.

Our favorite thing to see is our fantastic reorder percentage. We believe we are in the reorder business. If our soap is effective, then there is no way you will not continue to use it.  So this year validated to us, that we were doing it right, but we continue to focus on making things work better.  I want to personally thank all of our valued customers and brothers in success for making our first year online so amazing.   

To Another Great Year Ahead!