Grooming Tips for the Average Joe

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Grooming Tips for the Average Joe

So, your latest slump has lasted a few weeks, and now you have in a sense "let yourself go". That meal prep you once did, out the door. Those regular tooth brushing and deodorant wearing days seem so long ago.

But, alas, fate has knocked on your door once more you lucky son of a bitch. That dinner date that turned into meeting up for drinks, that turned into a let's reschedule, that turned into no communication?

Remember her?

Yeah well, she decided it's time to reschedule that drink and wants to meet up tonight.

But wait, I'm so far into my latest slump, what the hell am I going to do to motivate myself to go out?

Well, worry no more Daniel son. We’re here to help. In this article, we will give you three quick tips on how to step up your game and ensure you’re on point for your next “lunch/dinner date”.

Tip #1 - Get Your Sweat On

Getting in a quick sweat, whether hitting the gym, doing road work, or even just doing some pushups and sit-ups is a great way to get started. A quick set of reps or a good run will get the blood pumping and get you ready for the night. Also, a good sweat is great for removing those toxins so you don’t smell like an asshole 30 minutes into your date. Just remember, drink a ton of water.

Plus, there’s nothing like pumping up the chest and biceps a little bit before going out with women!

Tip #2 - Groom Yourself

After that pump, you’re starting to feel good right? Well, what comes after feeling good? You want to look good of course.

First and foremost, you want to clean off that pungent body odor and smell good in the process. We recommend using our Durden Natural Soap with a powerful pheromone blend. It will definitely help amplify your "alpha status" after a good workout.

Also, try trimming and cleaning your nails. Oh, and take those ear-buds out of your ears long enough to run a cotton swab through those bad boys.

Lastly, that bacon bit on your front tooth, for fucks sake, brush & floss, please!

Tip #3 - Wear Clean Shoes

Unless you are at the beach, or a lake for that matter, always makes sure to have a fresh pair of shoes. Color does not really matter, but please make sure you take care of your shoes. When you meet women for the first time she will size you up from head to toe no matter how good you might look.

One of the main things she will be looking at besides how ugly, or not ugly you are, is your shoes.

Keep them fresh all day fellas.

*Pro Tip - Clean Car

This is more of a bonus round item. Let’s say drinks turn into Netflix and Chill at your place, but she wants you to drive? What the hell are you going to do now?

Well, having a clean looking, and more importantly, good smelling car is key. Fuck the outside of the car. You can have the cleanest outside as humanly possible, but if the inside smells of B-O, and 1-week old burritos, you better bet you’re night will end prematurely.

Remember, the inside of your car is an extension of your home, keep it clean!


Bottom line, if you want your wife, girlfriends, or strangers to take up an interest in you. You better take your grooming seriously. Otherwise, you are doomed to your mom and dad’s basement playing PS4, eating Cheetos, and being entertained by Palmela and Jill for the rest of your life.

Stay fit, stay fresh, stay clean!

Happy Hunting!