She's not that into you!

Hello my friends.  I was having dinner with a couple of buddies the other night.  The discussion turned to the ladies as it often does, when it's boys night.  One buddy of mine, had started seeing a new lady and he began to tell myself and the other guy about her. "She just broke up with her boyfriend, who was a real jerk!."   I immediately look at my other buddy and we realized what was up. It still surprises me when men of the age that should know better, don't understand the behaviors of the opposite sex.  He went on to say that he was supposed to go out with her on this very night, but "she wasn't feeling well."  My other buddy and I immediately burst into laughter almost to the point of tears.  The friend who was talking about the lady, didn't understand what was so funny. I gently explained to him that he was staking out the friend zone, by allowing her to discuss her evil ex, who I am sure will be back if he chooses to return.  I also explained that 99% of the time a girl has to be practically hospitalized to miss a date with a guy she is into.  I could tell he wasn't buying it, and began to explain this long story about how she wasn't feeling well.  I abandoned the rescue effort, since you have to want to learn to learn.   

User's of Durden understand that how you roll makes all the difference in the quality of your experience with the Ladies.  I hope you have enjoyed this story, and I'm sure you have many friends that lack the understanding that you do, and end up staking out the Friend Zone.  Let's have a collective chuckle, and continue to play all games to win!