Three Reasons You Should Use Tactical Soap

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Three Reasons You Should Use Tactical Soap

We’ll go over some reasons why our customers choose to use Tactical Soap. Our customer’s satisfaction is always our priority, so you deserve to know why our product is worth the investment. Whether it is a night out on the town or a big job interview, Grondyke will make sure you look, feel and smell your best. So, grab one of our three soaps: Durden, Maverick, Bond. Here are three reasons you’ll be sure to love them... 

1. Our soaps are crafted by hand.

Scott Carr, our owner, and head-soapmaker ensures the quality in all of our soaps. We create our product much like a microbrewery or small batch whiskey distillery would. We apply the same craft and ensure quality natural ingredients are used in all of our soaps. This process ensures you that our product is handmade from scratch with the best ingredients available.

2. Natural soap is good for you and your skin.

Have you ever read the ingredient label on some men’s soaps? Let’s compare our soap ingredients compared to a competitor’s ingredients.

Grondyke Durden ingredients: olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), organic palm oil, shea butter, essential oils of lime, cedarwood, ginger grass, turmeric (for color), androstenone and androsterone.

Competitor Soap ingredients: water, sodium laureth sulfate, petrolatum, acrylates copolymer, cocamidopropyl betaine, fragrance, cocamide, mea, PPG-9, propylene glycol, DMDM hydantoin, Tetrasodium EDTA, BHT, blue 1, red 33, yellow 5.

See the difference? Our soaps are made with natural ingredients like olive oil and shea butter. Sounds much more appealing than “acrylates copolymer” or other terms that seem to come from a college chemistry exam.

3. Our powerful pheromone boosted soaps will have you feeling like a Bad Ass.

We partnered with a Clinical Psychologist and pheromone expert to create formulas targeted at specific traits that are most attractive, and are most conducive to success in many areas of life. Each formula focuses on a different aspect of the male psyche for maximum impact on success and well-being for themselves and those around them. Let the power of pheromones help you feel your best and give you a Bad Ass vibe!

So instead of your generic bland soap, try Grondyke Soap today. Not only will our products have your skin feeling and looking great, but with the power of pheromone’s you will actually feel an enhancement in your everyday step and swagger. He who has the most fun wins!

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