We Can Help You Avoid Hangovers

We Can Help You Avoid Hangovers

Screaming headache...

upset stomach, feeling like you are literally going to die.  Ever felt like this after a night out of drinking?  We’ve been there countless of times, to say the least, but hey we like to have a good time!  In this blog post, we will break down the anatomy of a hangover and go over some tactics to avoid those fiery bitches. 


In order to know how to avoid a hangover, we need to understand what causes them.  The main cause of a hangover is ethanol or alcohol in your drink.  It’s a toxic chemical that causes you to pee more which in turn causes dehydration.  That dehydration is the reason your head feels like an atomic bomb just exploded.  So now you are probably thinking alright well how do I avoid a hangover?  There is no exact scientific method when it comes to avoiding these pricks, but we have a few tips that have helped us throughout the years.

Tip One: Before you head out for the night suds up with our Maverick Tactical Soap https://goo.gl/qNSV4r

While you are in the shower throw down a couple waters.  That’s right I said water.  Whoever came up with “Water is for the weak” is a complete dumbass!  Dehydration leads to hangovers.  So, suck up your manliness and chug a couple glasses of water while you jam out to tunes in your shower.  

Tip Two: Stick to the same drink throughout the night.  This rule has obvious grey areas.  Let’s say you are drinking a Hefeweizen.  While we recommend drinking the same beer throughout the night you could switch it up.  Just try to stick with a similar beer as the one you started with.  If you are drinking another liquor we like to follow the light or dark rule.  If you are drinking a darker liquor such as whiskey stick to similar dark liquors.   For a clear liquor such as vodka stick with similar clear liquors.  These little tricks do wonders, but you have to be disciplined while drinking, that’s the hard part 😈


Tip Three: Have Pedialyte or other electrolyte replacement on deck for the next morning.  This tip is pure gold.  Electrolytes are your biggest friend when it comes to being hung over!  Pedialyte was once thought to only be a pediatric product.  Now they actually market their products to adults.  We can’t blame them though, try Pedialyte once after a night out and you’ll also be convinced! 


While we always advise to drink responsibly and try at best to avoid the dreaded hangover sometimes one too many becomes half a dozen too many, which is no big deal!  Just follow our advice and you’ll be seeing less of these dreaded bastards.  Remember to gram some Tactical Soap on your way out! https://goo.gl/CWMfA7